Appending 2 tabs to the same Excel file: Avoid nodes to execute at the same time

Hi All,

I’ve encountered an issue with appending 2 tabs in the same excel file. When I execute one after the other I have no issues, but when I execute the entire workflow at once, sometimes one writer does not execute at all, or both do but causing the excel file to need repaired or can’t be opened. Is there a good way to avoid these 2 writer nodes to be executed at the same time?



Hi @Krau5i , yes you can control the execution sequence. Simply link the 2 Excel Writer via the Flow Variable port, and which ever is linked via the output port will execute before the one that is linked via the input port.

For example:

The “write totals” (top one) Excel Writer will execute first, and the “write totals excl. 5GRC” (bottom one) Excel Writer will wait and will execute only after the other Excel Writer is completed


You can also write multiple sheets to the same excel file with 1 writer node.


Thank you both! Excellent solutions


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