appending in CSV writer

Hi All

I hope you can help me out. I created a workflow that reads excel files in a folder and creates a new excel file with all the data. I use a work around with a CSV writer, because the excel writer can not append (as far as I know.
Two thinks I would like to change, but don’t know how:

  1. The data is appended for each file in the next free row, but I would like it to be appended in the next column (in other words, not below each other, but next to each other per file)
    2 the row IDs only have to be copied 1 time, not for every file.

Would be great if anybody knows a solution.
See my workfloww below.



Read all the files inside a loop and close the loop with a Loop End (Column Append) and then write it to any format you want.



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