Appending sheets from one excel file to another excel file

I have two excel files(File1 and File2), each with 4 sheets into it. I want to append all the sheets from File2 to File1.

Actual Scenario:

All the above files are kept in the same folder and I want to combine files on the basis of file name.
So I want to combine A and A1 to A and B and B1 to B and store the consolidated Files to a new location.

i.e. sheets from file A1 would be appended with the sheets of A

Hi @mohini1329,

I’m not quite sure what you want to do, as you mention two files but then list four xlsx files.
However, you may be able to use this workflow to read all sheets within a file and then append them to another:

Kind regards


@mohini1329 you could check these examples and adapt then. The necessary elements should all be there. You might also want to provide an example of how your scenario would look like.


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