appending static columns from variable

I have a relative simple task to do, but it seems I cannot manage it,
I need to add a lot of columns to a table with no value (it might seem to be pointless but the output has a fixes structure).
I tried to use a constant value column within a loop, but it is apparently not what I need.
I attached my workflow to demonstrate what I’ve tried.
I would appreciate some help.
Thank you
addingColumns.knwf (13.6 KB)

Hi @HarryKl

Below is a way to do it without loops.

Main point here is to convert the list of columns that you want to have added to actual columns to prepare them for the Column Appender node, which is designed for cases like this.

Make sure to set the Column Appender main setting to Generate new row keys.

See WF:
addingColumns - column appender.knwf (27.1 KB)

Hope this helps!


thanks a lot, it is very cool

Hello @HarryKl,

if your output has a fixed structure I suggest to check out Table Validator (Reference) node:



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