Appending to either Table or XLS

So I have a workflow that will be adding data weekly to the end of a spreadsheet.  CSV Node can simply append to the bottom of the file, no problem.  However, I lose important column formatting which is more or less preserved in XLS.  So I'm shocked when I find out that all the XLS Appender Node does is append a new tab to the XLS file.  Argh.  So I figure maybe the Table Writer node will have an append function in it.  Nope.  So what I ended up doing was building a somewhat convoluted system where I...

1. Write my data to a Table Writer

2. Load the same data back and

3. Load the "All" table 

4. Concatenate (stack them on top of each other)

5. Overwrite the "All" table and

6. Write the XLS file with all the data

Not a big deal except that I need to do this several more times for different flows.

I'm hoping I'm just missing an obvious tickbox somewhere?

Hello Mr Martin,

Thank you for bringing this up.
As far as I know there is no such option at the moment, but I submitted a feature-request. So if it is possible an "append"-checkbox will be added as soon as possible.
For the time being, you can wrap these 6 nodes to a meta-node and extend it by some flow-variable-nodes, such that you can simply copy-paste this meta-node in all your workflows.

If you don't like the copying, especially because changes have to repeated for all workflows, I recommend you the KNIME LocalSpace Repository, which is a part of the KNIME Personal Productivity Extension. For more information please visit

Ferry Abt