Appending to Excel XLSM File


problem is that the Excel Sheet Appender node does not exist anymore now and appending to a xlsm with the normal Excel writer is not possible. Is there a workaround that I do not see for this?




Hi @tstolle94 -

I moved your post to a separate topic since the other thread is 5+ years old.

I did a little digging here and unfortunately you’re right, it seems the current version of the Excel Writer won’t append to XLSM files. We have a ticket to improve this (AP-16957) and I will add a +1 on it from you.

In the meantime, you could try accessing the Excel Sheet Appender in a very roundabout way.

While you can’t drag-and-drop the Excel Sheet Appender from the Community Hub (because it has been deprecated), what you can do is load a work flow that includes it, and copy the node out of that workflow, like this one:

Does that help you? As workaround I know it’s quite convoluted. Sorry about that.


@tstolle94 concerning Excel XLSM I tried this some time ago. Though you might proceed with caution:


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