Apply pre- defined layout to image

Is there a way to apply a pre- defined layout (in my case, a simple 96 well microplate) to images of plates to create objects/ regions of interest (the single wells). The image consists of a photo of the plate (each image depicts full cell culture plate) with all the 8 x 12 wells. I would like to superimpose the mask/ layout of 8 x 12 circles which are my regions of interest, inside which I want to measure pixel intensities.

Appreciate your help!


Hi GreenGripper,

I need a bit more information to provide you help :-)

(a) Do you have the predefined layout in another image

(b) Do you want to manually "draw" it?

(c) Do you want to "calculate" it (e.g. equally sized squares over the image)

Can you share one or two example images? Each of these options is possible. I can provide you an example workflow for that.