Apply same logic on multiple columns

Hi !! @HansS

After this step, by using Column expression I want to set logic like where value > 0 it will be called “Upward” or else “Downward”.
My issue whether I would required to do it for 57 times… or is there any other short way round.

Please guide.

Hi @ravi13

Take a look at this Looping_over_all_columns_and_manipulation_of_each from the Hub.
gr. Hans


Hi @HansS

I need to take column expression node instead of math and it’s not working using this node.

Hi @ravi13,

you can use Column Expressions node in example provided by @HansS but need to modify node’s configuration. Also for your use case you can use Rule Engine node.

Additionally you can use Unpivoting node to have values from all columns in one column. Then use one of above mentioned nodes to apply your logic and then use Pivoting node to get your original columns back.

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Hi!! @ipazin,
Firstly sorry for late reply.

i am not able to use rule engine node because of following issue…

As i have done transpose Column function is shown as “?” instead of “String” or “double” or “integer”

Hi @ravi13,

is this topic for same issue?


Hi!! @ipazin

No it’s different…but for same process

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