Applying Colors Bar Chart

Hello !

I’m struggling with the color manager node to apply colors to my Bar Chart…

I applied this: Workflow Color

Result is not really clean.

My data is the following:

I just want to be able to give a color to each ID for my Barchart to plot.

If i plug directly to the node color manager i get the colors i want to apply to my Bar Chart however if i plug in directly it in the second input port my bar chart becomes grayed out…

Would you be able to help me ?


Hello @Appo
You can find some answers at the following topic:



It is the workflow i mentionned but i might have messed something up…

I also don’t really want to apply a shade of color according to the value. The values (bins in my case) that i want to give a color are fixed.


Here i have the colors attributed to the row.
I just want to have a bar plot with the last column for the X axis. and the first column as the values…

If i plug this table to a scatter plot it get this: Just need to replace the dots by bars…

I managed to see that i forgot stacking the bar in the very first chart…

I get something cleaner however right now the colors are not the one i defined earlier…

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Hello @Appo

Have a look to this workflow to see, if It fits to the challenged chart.

20221104_Applying_Colors_Bar_Chart_v0.knwf (83.7 KB)


I hope this can clarify in some degree a possible node arrangement to achieve the chart, with customized colors, and a sorted legend at once.


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It is exactly what i wanted, thank you very much.

Neat trick to sort the columns to rearrange the legend !

I definitely messed up on my joiner where i joined on the row id…
But for the rest i had the same, i will check back when i can get my hands back on my workflow

Cheers !

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