Applying Colors to Labels

Hi Martin, hi Christian,

I've tried to play around with the new and very helpful "Apply Color Settings to Label" node and encountered a small problem. What I want to do is the following:

I have an image with many nuclei. For this image I create a labeling and then I use the image segment features node to determine the mean grey value for all the identified segments in the original image. Now I use a Row filter to keep only those segments that have a mean grey value above a certain threshold. For the remaining segments I want to compose a new labeling that uses the mean grey values as basis for a color coded heatmap so that different grey values are directly represented by different colors. I attached a small workflow and a picture to illustrate that.
In the color manager node I select the "Mean" column but then the color range is not choosen according to the min and max Mean value after the "Row Filter" node (which would be 153.922 for red and 231.819 for green) but instead it is adjusted based on the min and max Mean value of all the segments (which is 20.16 and 231.819). It seems that the row filter is not relevant for the Color manager node. Of course if you then compose a label with the filterd segments the colors of these segments do not span the whole range from red to green. I couldn't find out how to tell the Color manager node that it should only use the filtered table for its color assignment. Maybe you can offer a solution for that.


Hi Christian,

just a guess, but could you try to use the domain calculator after the row filter and then the color manager? I think, the domain of the mean grey-values isn't recalculated after the rowfilter.

Let me know if this doesn't help, then I will have a closer look tomorrow!



Thanks Christian. It works fine now.