Apriori Data formatting error

Hello. I have a dataset shown below that I would like to perform Apriori analysis on.

This is the error message I get:

ERROR Apriori (3.7)        4:14       Execute failed: Weka associator cannot work with given data. Reason: weka.associations.Apriori: Cannot handle string attributes!

How can I solve this?

From a screenshot it’s difficult to see what might be going wrong.

It would be better if you shared the workflow and data.

This is my work flow (please ignore the Linear Regression part as it is unrelated to my issue):

I have my data in a CSV file, then I filter out the columns I dont need, leaving me with a table with customer IDs and product IDs. I then group the table entries by similar Customer IDs, and end up with a new column which is a list of all product IDs that share a customer ID.
I then use the cell splitter to split the new column along the commas so that each entry in the list is its own column, the I filter out the customer ID to end up with the table in the question above.

Hi guys, the error message says something about string attributes. Maybe a column or some operations won’t work because of it. Did you check this information before use it with this node?



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It’s easier to troubleshoot issues if you share the data and workflow instead of a screenshot.

The workflow I put together after trying to extracting the data from your other post is here:

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I think I found out the issue, it seems that the two nodes crash when the input table is too large. My full dataset has 9800 rows, but once I limited it to 100 rows, the Association learner worked as expected.

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