ARDUINO / datalogging

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did anybody interface KNIME with Arduino or has used KNIME for datalogging and life analysis.
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interface with Arduino in what sense? I foresee different methods possible (although never went any way myself) with increasing complexity (and this list is absolutetly not complete):

  1. Let the Arduino write to a CSV file on an SD card on the Arduino side and then load the CSV into KNIME
  2. Let the Arduino transfer the data throught the serial interface (debugging) and write this to a csv file using processing and then load the CSV file into KNIME
  3. Connect your Arduino to the web, let it store the data through webcalls to a web app you have running, have the web app write stuff to a CSV file and/or database and have KNIME get this file from the web and/or access the remote database

enough options possible..... question is what you would like to use it for....

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Many thanks, that’s already helpful. I suspect writing in a CSV file requires a "file close"
before being able to run analyses. What I need is “real time” monitoring.

I intend to monitor temperature in a cube, let’s say 3x3x3 sensors in real time. I suspect that I need to feed data through serial or USB into KNIME, but I’m not sure how to catch the data.

The other issue I guess is that the dimensions are clear, but the amount of data changes over time, so that max and min for instance need to be set manually and can’t be calculated in advance. If you know OpenDx, you could feed a stream of data into the vizualisation pipeline/workflow.

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