Arquitectura de Knime analityc

Hola, necesito implementar un plugin para knime analityc replicando algunas funcionalidades del knime server, me pudieran ayudar con la arquitectura del knime analityc ? Gracias de antemano

Hi @annalay_esc and welcome to the forum.

(Sorry, I will have to reply in English, as my Spanish is terrible!)

Here is the translation I obtained for your question:

Hello, I need to implement a plugin for knime analityc replicating some functionalities of the knime server, could you help me with the architecture of knime analityc? Thank you in advance

Could you be more specific about the plugin you’re trying to build, and the functionalities you mention? What characteristics of KNIME Server architecture are you looking for more info about?

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lo que necesito es ejecutar un flujo desde una aplicacion externa, y no cuento con knime server

You could try running KNIME in headless, or “batch” mode, as described in the KNIME FAQ:

(There are also lots of threads about it here on the forum if you search)