as a filter two months in a row filter

Hello, I need to filter the values ​​that have the months of January and February but in a single table

i need only janyary and frebuary thanks

Hola @Jalvear

There is the possibility of entering a filter in "“use pattern matching” as a regular expresion:

In your case, you need to write enero|febrero instead of only enero and then you need to check the “regular expression” option.

enero|febrero means either “enero” or (|) “febrero”. If you want this to be more permissive and not to be “case sensitive” then do not check the “case sensitive match”. In this case it will accept different uppercase variants, such as:


Hope it helps.



Nota: Please be aware that you are showing phone numbers and email addresses with people names in your snapshot. I do not know how confidential or true they are but it is good practice to obfuscate (erase/hide) them before making the snapshots public. If this information is real, I would strongly recommend to at least remove the snapshot from your post (if still can be edited) or alternatively delete the post and post here again your question without confidential information :slight_smile:


hello it won’t let me delete it

I’ll be more careful next time

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Hi @Jalvear , it could be that it’s because it’s too long ago.

We can ask a Knime member may be to edit your post and remove that 2nd screenshot that contains PII (Personal Identification Information).

Adding @ScottF and @Iris to help


yes please thank you very much @ScottF @Iris Check my error please and remove second capture


Screenshot removed. Cheers!


Thanks @ScottF (adding this to make 20 characters)

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Thanks @bruno29a and @ScottF for helping @Jalvear with this. We all appreciate it.

Best wishes to you all


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