AS400 Connection not working

I am trying to connect to AS400 DB. Already installed and configured JT400 database driver in Knime preferences.


Receiver class does not define or inherit an implementation of the resolved method 'abstract boolean isValid(int)' of interface java.sql.Connection.

Below are the screenshot for all the configs done so far.

What am I missing here?

Hello @jaydeep2 ,

the problem is that as far as I can see from the configuration page I found the driver only supports JDBC 3.0 whereas KNIME requires driver with JDBC version 4.1 or above.

However to solve the problem that the driver does not implement the standard isValid() method, you can enter a validation query that is called in KNIME to check if the connection is valid. To do so please go to the Advanced tab of the DB Connector node and enter a Validation query. The query does not need to return anything and should be lightweight e.g. SELECT 1 or SELECT 1 FROM TABLE LIMIT 0.

Please keep us posted if this solved your problem.


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I tried both the SQLs and also tried SELECT 1 FROM TABLE and I received below errors trying all these suggested SQLs.

Actually I got it working… Thanks @tobias.koetter


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