Hello, I am trying to connect to an AS400 on Knime.
This is the connection url I wrote in Python that works.

conn = pyodbc.connect(
"Driver={iSeries Access ODBC Driver}; "
"System=ABC01; "
"Hostname=AB.ABC.ABC.AB; "
"Port=XXX; "
"Force Translate=False; "
"trusted_connection=yes; "
The driver I am using in my juypter notebook is CWBODBC.DLL version 07.01.027.

I am not sure how to turn this into a connection string for a JDBC driver on Knime. Here is what I tried in Knime and the driver I think I am supposed to use.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

@avdk003 welcome to the KNIME forum. There was this hint posted:

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I got this fixed. It turns out the solution was to use this as the connection url:

and that’s it. The IBM Iseries Access Client that manages connections uses several ports. When I specified a port I was only connecting to one of those services.

I also add a simply validation query in the advanced tab of the DB connector (ie; Select 1 from table).

Thanks for your help.


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