Assign culums with multiple rows to only one row

I am looking for some hints to solve this Problem as shown in the table below.

I hope i was able to demonstrate what i would like to do adequately.

ProblemKnime.xlsx (10.2 KB)

Every hint and help is highly appreciated.


You can do the task by using unpivoting-pivoting in a group loop.
unpivot-pivot.knwf (42.2 KB)

Please check the workflow and feel free to ask any further questions.



Thank you very much Armin for your solution.

If I understand correctly one needs to have the ID in every row (which I do not have).

Is there a way to let Knime do that? or maybe yet another solution?

Thank you already in advance

KNIME generates Row IDs automatically when reads the table.
I used the RowID node to reset the IDs in each iteration so the column names of the unpivoting-pivoting process remain the same.


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