Assign groups instead of users for dataapps

How to provide group level access to the Dataapps in KNIME business hub instead of user level.

Use case:
We would like to provide access to consumer groups for a Dataapp. However, there is only option to add users individually not a complete group.

I tried to add the group but it is not able to detect it.

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Create a team

Teams are firstly created by the KNIME Hub Global Administrator. The global admin will assign a user the role of team admin as well allocate resources to that team. The team admin will be able to start adding team members and create execution contexts that can be used by the team.

There are two types of roles a user can be assigned when part of a team:

The team creator is automatically assigned administrator role and can promote any of the team members to administrators.

As a student/ new learner having limited access to KNIME Business Hub, I dont think its possible to create a group/Team.

Hi @yogesh_nawale
Thanks for the detailed answer. However, I am already aware of these processes and using it in my organization.

My query is more related to assigning group level access to dataapps. I am mostly concerned about consumers which are not the part of any teams. Instead of adding individual consumer user, I would like to know a possibility of adding a group for Dataapp access.