Assist a noob with setting up a workflow for data insights, sentiment analysis and performance evaluation

Hello Community. I apologise for the noob status. I have recently come across KNIME as I have a very specific use case and I believe this will be the platform on which to build on. I have had a quick play around and yes, incredibly impressive but equally daunting. I would love to do it myself but only in the context of my use case as this is not my regular gig. I have a dataset that I need to analysis for some insights, apply those insights to create specific rules for performance evaluation combined with sentiment analysis using an LLM. When this is done, i need to figure out a way that I can select a sample to create a new dataset, with different environment conditions, with applied forecast scores that are based on the historical statistical analysis previously preformed. Sorry again for the vagueness of the specific usecase, but will be discussed off-line. If there is anybody proficient in the use of KNIME V5 and wouldn’t mind assisting a complete noob, I will certainly make the coffee with some posh biscuits. I suppose first to understand the capabilities, relative ease of maintenance going forward and or if this is the right platform for my use case. Located in the UK. Many thanks in advance. K.

You’ve set yourself a fairly monumental task. Check out these links for some background ideas.


thank you @ [rfeigel]. I appreciate your reply. I will have a look at your linked suggestions and see if it will be fight or flight. K