Assistance needed for Installing a previous version of KNIME

Hello everyone,

I am seeking your help to install a previous version of KNIME. I recently installed version 5.3, but I encountered an issue where certain extensions are not available in this version. I would like to revert to a previous version.

I noticed that it is possible to download older versions from the download site. I am using Windows. The problem is that when I download a previous version, I get a Zip file that I need to extract and then run the application. Although I selected the launcher version, I would prefer to have an installer so I can properly uninstall version 5.3 and install the previous one. I am currently forced to open the unzipped file constantly, whereas I would prefer having a single version installed in the Program Files folder.

How can I obtain the installer version, for example, version 5.2.5?

Thank you.

When you go to the normal download site for the latest version at the bottom you can find a link to access previous versions.

After clicking through it I ended up on this page:

Seems to have an options for 5.2.5 with installer… maybe even this link works directly?:


@Stephane73 you can get previous versions here:

Directly linking packages might result in broken links and is not encouraged I think.

Thank you for your responses. I used the links you suggested. Unfortunately, I still get a Zip file. After unzipping the Zip file, I get the following folder.

I find the .exe that directly launches the application and asks to select the workspace.

I do not get an installation program; I would like to have the installer in the same manner as version 5.3. I want the installer to uninstall version 5.3 automatically and create a folder in my Program Files directory.

However, it seems there is no installer for the previous versions ?

@Stephane73 there are installers. You will just have to download them

@mlauber71 I appreciate your help. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear, but I did click on the installer link. As you can see from the screenshot, the link downloads a zip file that doesn’t contain an installer. It only contains the folder I showed earlier with the .exe application.

I checked almost all the older versions, and all the installer links point to a zip file. Only version 5.2 downloads an installer.

@Stephane73 can you try and use the link with replacing the zip with exe and directly putting that in a browser. If I copy the link it has an exe. If I actually press it it might be a zip.

Have not tested on a Windows machine. This is strange.

On another note. Knime is basically just a program in a folder and deleting old folders, renaming them and un-zipping into new ones works perfectly fine. I do it all the time.