Assistance Needed: Retrieving Data from JIRA Service Desk

Hello Everyone,

We are currently facing a challenge in pulling data from JIRA Service Desk. The data appears to be coming in multiple chunks, with two key parameters, namely isLastPage (with values True or False) and Next Page (containing the URL link). Our goal is to collect all pages of JSON data, and we are uncertain about how to pass the next page URL to the GET request until we reach the last page.

Could you please provide any guidance, leads, or example workflows that could help us overcome this obstacle? Your assistance would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @kotlapullareddy

You are looking for a recursive loop approach here. I have written a tutorial about this in a recent KNIME Book. It’s available here, starting from page 68.

The corresponding workflow is available here:


Thanks for your help @ArjenEX
seems the workflow (which you provided) is not retrieving any data …

That’s correct since you need a personalized API key to actually make queries. More details are here: Obtaining authorization credentials  |  YouTube Data API  |  Google for Developers If you obtain one and put it in the second Table creator you should be able to get the WF running.


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