Associate data at run time between 2 tables - possible with Quick forms?

I would like to dynamically associate data values in one column of a table (table A) using data from a second table (table B) on a row per row basis (i.e: data in row 1, col X of table A comes from row 3 of col Y of Table B). Note that number of entries in table A vary from one execution to another and that number of rows between tables are different.
Is there a way to do this in Knime using quick forms (the workflow will be used from a web portal)?

Hi Claire!

I suppose you have some unique keys based on which you would like to do this? Some combination of Joiner node with couple of data manipulation nodes to handle RowID would be a start. If you provide a sample data set with expected output I could do a bit more…


Hi Ivan,
What I would like to achieve is a little bit tricky… I want to create quick forms at run time since the number of parameters (quick forms) varies between workflow executions. These quick forms come from rows of col X of table A. For each of these quick forms, I would like to create list of values where values come from the second table (from col Y of table B) to control user input.
For each column (X and Y), values are unique.