association rule mining problem/basket analysis/unknown variable

I run into this problem when running the association rule mining(borgelt) :WARN Association Rule Learner (Borgelt) 5:9 Errors overwriting node settings with flow variables: Unknown variable “MinSupport”
However, I have set up MinSupport variable using Double configuration.

Anyone have ideas what is problem?
Thanks in advance!

Hello @gmaggie,

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There is no bug and you can ignore this warning. This is due to fact that flow variable is not yet created and node that uses this variable calls configure method. Your node should execute just fine using value from flow variable.
See here for more on how KNIME nodes/process work: Node Lifecycle (may be a bit too much for start but sharing it anyways)


Hello @ipazin,
The thing is that, it seems that because of this error, I cannot see any output of association rule mining. Do u know how to solve this problem?

It also says that node created an empty data table.
Thank you!

I got the problem. Thank you. I also used a wrong delimiter.

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Hello @gmaggie,

glad you manage to find an issue :slight_smile:


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