association rule


i am trying to do classification with rule association and i am really confused..............

as i understand there were some particluar nodes in knime for rule association such as apriori node lerner and predictor

but in latest version of knime we only have association rule learner and for data input it forces me to give a data set with BITVECTOR....what is exactly bitvector?how should i generate it with create bit vector node?

thanks for your time........


KNIME offers two association rule learner nodes a native KNIME node and a node that calls out to an implementation of Christian Borgelt. Both nodes consume BitVectors and Collection cells. Have a look at the attached workflow that demonstrates how to create Collection and BitVector cells and how to use both types with the association rule learner.



Maybe you were looking for the WEKA nodes? They have an apriori node.

tobias.koetter  thanks alot man.......

you have been really help full