Asta Powerproject and Primavera P6 integration

Hi all,

Both Asta and P6 are programming tools used in the construction industry to help plan out projects. Currently in ASTA I can export the data in a CSV/xlsx format however I’d like to know whether or not there is away to extract the same information by using the native file of both softwares (XER and .pp files).
Dummy programme data.xlsx (1.5 MB)

Attached is a typical full export of an ASTA Programme and I’m unable to attach the asta file however I’ve seen something about ASTA exports into JSON.


Hi @lahiru_ten -

I’m not familiar with either of these file types myself, and I don’t know of any KNIME nodes that deal with them in their native format… Based on your upload, it seems like they might need to be manually parsed. You might also check to see if there are existing python libraries out there to handle them, which you could use within KNIME.

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Thanks for suggesting python libraries. Although I haven’t used python before, I came across something called ‘mpxj’

I’ve not started to use this method yet but, how would I integrate the following into KNIME? I’m assuming I’d use the python script node. Is there any parameters/settings I should be made aware of to use the above mpxj tool?