At the Beginning


A few days before I have starting to concern myself with KNIME. I am beginning to understand how it works. but would like to apply this knowledge. There are not so many exercises in the web. I do not know sometimes if I'm doing it right. and some training tasks would be very helpful. maybe could you advice how could I best designed my learning process?



have you tried looking through some example workflows inside your KNIME repository?
i started using KNIME around 2 months ago and it helped me quite a lot + the youtube channel KNIME TV is also really good to get a basic understanding of the tool itself.

I learn the program in the context of a internship and unfortunately the firewall doesn't allow the access to  the examples. Youtube videos I've already looked through it was not bad, but still not much.

you could install knime on your personal computer, download the workflows from the repository you are interested in, copy them onto a usb stick and paste them into your workflow folder at work.
or talk to your system administrator to give you permissions, because the examples are really, really helpful!

Thank you very much. I'll do it :)

Also nothe the link on the bottom of - it allows you to download all examples in one go.


You could also take a look at the following Knime books:

Beginners luck (for beginners):

Knime cookbook (a bit more advanced):