Attempting to make an interactive dashboard

I currently am working with a microbiome data set and attempting to make an interactive dashboard to compare samples by several different metrics. Unfortunately I’m running into a problem with every time I try to access the component layout I get the following error message.

And the popup window cannot be closed because I get the same exact error when I click anything but reset. Any assistance would be appreciated.

And finally after a stupidly long time figuring out what was going wrong I found out the problem was an order of operations of clicking.

Well now the error is back once I try to view the dashboard

Hi @Ashelth and welcome to the forum.

Can’t say I’ve run into this particular issue before. It would be helpful if you could upload your workflow (with some toy data included, if possible) to see if we can reproduce the problem. The screenshot above obscures the flow, so it’s hard to guess at what might be happening.

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@ScottF Thank you for the reply.
I actually found the problem several hours after posting and resolved it. The problem appeared to be a java error and wholly unrelated to the workflow itself. Some combination of reinstalling java and changing the preferences in KNIME → JavaScript views managed to resolve it. Which in hindsight makes sense given the error message.



Great - glad you were able to find a solution.

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Slight topic extension, im rarely able to get the java widgets to dynamically change java graphs because of nodes on the middle (in the same composite view). I have to create two pages on the webportal as a workaround. Any tips?

Not really, I’m guessing you are trying to use widgets to change the columns range being selected to feed to downstream nodes. I think that only works if you change the columns selected and relaunch the java window, or if there’s some way to make the container reprocess data at set intervals? Which it sounds like you’re basically doing by making two different dashboards as a work around? My best tip would be to make a new post with your workflow and some sample data so people with more experience than I can assist.

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