Authenticating REST API call Sharepoint

First time posting on here. I am using KNIME to make a POST request to a Sharepoint 2013 REST API and I am having trouble with setting the authentication details so I dont get prompted to manually login.

When I run the POST request it keeps prompting me for username and password like below.
Once I put in my domain credentials, the POST request works and I can make API calls until my token expires.

I’m trying to set the username and password in the workflow so that I dont get prompted to manually login and have this workflow running on a schedule on KNIME server. I have tried setting my domain credentials in the Authentication tab of the POST request node with NTLM, Basic, None and Digest but I keep getting prompted for my credentials.

Hi there @rcarpio,

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Have you tried using workflow credentials?

See here for more and if any questions feel free to ask:


Hi @rcarpio,

do you mind to share and example workflow or if that is not possible a screenshot of your Rest Configuration?
Maybe you could send a getRequest beforehand with the correct authentication :thinking:
But had a similar issue before, but finally resolved it with an own java snippet.

*else in the new KNIME nightly build they integrated a new sharepoint connection node - which might be a solution for you (if it releases soon)



The sharepoint connector is released :slight_smile: :partying_face:

You can find more information on this here:


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