Authorisation using Smart Cards

Hi all,

I’m trying to access a corporate sharepoint which would typically require 2FA with a registered smartcard inserted into my machine.

Not sure if this is something currently handled; the MS authentication lab node comes close, but doesn’t prompt for the redivert to company security page so I’m unable to complete the smart card authentication.

Is there any work around for this, or is this something that isn’t yet available?

Thanks in advance for thoughts and suggestions!!

Hi @JamesCarroll,

did I get it right that one factor, authentication via works, but then you are missing a prompt for the second factor?

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Hi @Marten_Pfannenschmidt

Thanks for your reply.

Yes it accepts the first prompt i.e. for me to select my windows account.

This should take me to my organisations login page which requires a 2nd factor i.e. OTP, auth code or smart card. But it doesn’t, which means the authentication doesn’t then get enough access to work

Hope that’s clearer

All the best