Auto Assign/Map Variables to Node Configuration


in order to dynamically manage node configurations, I’d like to suggest to add an option to have variables, if their name and required type exactly matches, automatically get mapped / assigned.

I.e. when injecting colors via the color manager, the columns can change depending on the selected date range. If there are new variables, these must get assigned manually. The same is true for the inverse scenario when assigned variables are gone.


Hello @mwiegand ,

thanks for the feedback, we also noticed this difficulty when assigning multiple values (of varying length) via flow variables, as we are working to port more nodes to modern dialogs. Color Manager is one case, but also Sorter or String Replacer (Dictionary), which uses a second table instead of flow variables, face a similar problem. Our goal is to harmonize how the settings of nodes can be adjusted programmatically. Our efforts hopefully make this kind of workflow automation more user-friendly and flexible.
While we are not in a state yet to present our ideas more broadly, we appreciate feedback on the topic.