Auto Cast node bug

There seems to be a bug in the Column Auto Type Cast. If you have any Columns of Column Type “?” going into this node, they do not appear in the node dialog and they do not get auto-casted, remaining as type “?” after the node, even when the column is clearly String or Integer etc…


Hi Simon,
Thanks for reporting this and sorry for the slow response. I just tried it in KNIME AP 5.1.2 and it works for me. As you can see in the screenshot, the ? column does turn up in the Column Auto Type Case node’s column selection. It also correctly turns the column into a string column, when before it was created by concatenating an integer and a string column. What types is your ? column made out of?
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Hi, So I look at the column type and it says it is “PetriNetCell”. This is from a Table Reader node where I am reading in a table from KNIME 4.7.
I have no idea what this column type is, I have never seen it before.

Hi @richards99 -

Sounds like this is related: