Auto populate last date of the month



I'm new to KNIME so not sure if this is even possible but thought I'd try my luck... 

 I am trying to auto populate a blank column so that it displays the last day of the current month in dd-MM-yyy format.

 I want this to be dynamic so that each time the user runs the report that it will recognise what month we are in and autopopulate as explained above.


I've looked at the various date nodes but can't figure it out so if greatly appreciate if some one can help!





Hi Sara,

see the attached workflow which does exactly what you were looking for.

The last day of the month date is produced as a date/time data type. To output the same date as a string in the exact format you need, you have to append a Date Field Extractor node and then a String Manipulation node to generate the final string.

Feel free to post again here if you get stuck.


Hi Marco - thanks a lot for the workflow below! It does exactly what I need bar the first node - Table Creator. I require the workflow to work off a blank cell and identify the date it is being run on - and not for it to run off a previously defined date.

I effectively need a node that will date stamp based on the day it is running and and populate the cells with said date. After that, I can put your workflow in to get what I need. Is this possible? I've tried a majority of the date nodes and Extract System Properties to no avail.



Hi Sara,

that's easy to achieve using a Time Generator node. Just make sure you reset the node each time you run your workflow so it update its output to the current date. See the attached modified workflow.


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Huge thanks Marco - that did the trick! I joined that with my data set and used the Constant Value Column to populate all the rows :).