auto save node

I would like to create a node to automatically save the workspace. I.e. it would take the as input the fact that a node completed successfully and then save the workspace. Would this be possible?
I have the problem that I have long running jobs and I don’t want for example Windows to reboot at night without having saved the completed work…


Do you have any suggestion on how to implement this in a new node if this is not possible right now?
This is quite important to me and would save a lot of time for me.

An auto-save is currently not implemented (but planned). I’m not aware of any nice trick that would allow you to programmatically trigger the save action. Your “Save Workflow” node idea is an interesting one. A node doesn’t know in which workflow it is located and it doesn’t have any access to the workflow components. If your node knew, in which workflow it is contained (user setting?), it could theoretically search for the corresponding WorkflowManager (starting from WorkflowManager.ROOT) and call a save(File, ExecutionMonitor) on it.) But then again, these are framework methods that were not meant as public API. All these methods may change in future versions. Hope it helps, Bernd