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Hi KNIME Forum,

I am using the Autocomplete Text Widget to make sure the user enters a string correctly in a workflow. The current list contains 75000 strings. It works for this ammount, however only if you enter the first letters quickly. Then the widget further guides the user to enter the correct string. However, if the user enters only a first letter or number and then waits for 1-2 seconds, the preview freezes on KNIME Desktop and crashes on KNIME Server. Ideally, I would like to have an option to use the autocomplete function first at position 3-4, which I don´t see to be in the options.

Do you see any work-around for using the Autocomplete Text Widget for such huge lists without the possibility that a user can crash the workflow accidentially?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Alkaline,
You mean 75k unique strings, right?

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Hi duristef,

I had ~70 duplicates in the list. But removing them did not help. On the webportal I get the message “site is not responding” when I enter e.g. a “1”.

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Hi @Alkaline -

I attempted to recreate this issue locally with a list of 100K strings, but wasn’t able to get anything to freeze or crash in my local Analytics Platform.

Do you have a workflow you could upload that reproduces the error? And do you see any error messages in the log on the server side when a crash occurs?

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Hi ScottF,

I have 74K strings.

  • 13k beginn with a “1” and 55k contain a “1”. When I enter a “1”, the preview craches
  • 12 beginn with a “y” and 56 contain a “y”. When I enter a “y” the preview works as expected

So for me it seams that I enter a letter/number and the node goes through the list for the preview. But if this letter/number is available too often, the preview does not work and it causes the Interactive View to crash. I don´t expect a preview of 55K strings, but I personally would like the node to wait for the user to enter the next letters/numbers and to provide a preview when the list is reasonably small enough.

I see the following error message in the Console:

WARN WizardNodeView Unable to retrieve value from view

Hi @Alkaline -

Thanks for the additional information. I’m able to reproduce the error locally now, although not yet on the server side. I’ve created a ticket (WEBP-906) - sorry for the trouble here.

Hi ScrottF,

thank you! When I run it server side, I recieve the following “Page does not work” screen in Google Chrome:

Hi @ScottF,

How long will it take for the error to be fixed? Will the update be needed to be rolled out with one of the next KNIME Server versions?

It would also be great to have an option to change the message when a user enters a string not available in the list :slight_smile: .

Best regards


Hi @Alkaline -

I just checked our internal ticketing system and I don’t see any update on this yet, so unfortunately I can’t give you a timeline. I will ping someone on the development team and see what I can find out.

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