Autocomplete Widget not showing in webportal (4.12 Server)

Hi Community,

I justed wanted to create an Webportal-Workflow using the:

Throught the local “Execute and open View” it shows up as expected.
In the web portal it just is not visible.
Does someone know if this node is just not compatible with the 4.12 webportal?


In Webportal:

Used workflow for both:
Test Autocomplete.knwf (11.2 KB)

Hi @AnotherFraudUser

Yes, this is a bug. However, the bug is in the Analytics Platform (v4.3.1). Try this workflow I created with AP version 4.3.2 (corresponding to server version 4.12.2). If you can run that on the server without it complaining, I’d suggest updating your AP to version 4.3.2.

Hope this works :slight_smile:

ps. thanks for the detailed problem description and markup of your post :slight_smile:


Hi @marvin.kickuth,

thanks for looking into it! :+1:
Our server is still on 4.12.1 - I will check it out again after we upgraded (which might take a bit) :thinking:

Sure thing! :slight_smile:
You could also try using the newer AP version with the server anyway; ideally they should be on the same version of course, but having only minor version differences is fine in most cases (unless the server is setup to straight up refuse newer workflow versions – you can use my workflow to check that).

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