Automate Knime install


We are using Knime on linux, and we want to automate the installation it as much as possible.

This includes:

install licenses.

create workspace.

change workspace prefrences.

install addins.

Is there a guide on how to do that without using the GUI ?


One easy way to simplify license management is to the use the KNIME Server license server feature. That allows a master license file to be installed into the KNIME Server which is then distributed to KNIME Analytics Platform users. 

Hosting an updated set of workflows (and metanodes) is best performed via the KNIME Server sharing functionality:

Several customers with large deployments build their own KNIME Analytics Platform from source, often incorporating their own update sites and nodes at the same time. For smaller customers the technical investment here is very large, so the following more lightweight approach is currently recommended. 

It is not currently possible to fully automate the preparation process. 

Administrator Steps

  1. Take original KNIME Analytics Platform (minimal package).

  2. Unzip

  3. Copy license file into licenses directory. (this is much better managed via the KNIME Server)

  4. Launch KNIME Analytics Platform from the unzipped location.

  5. Choose a workspace location,

  6. Install missing packages - this is possible via the command line using the instructions from the KNIME Server admin guide.

  7. Edit KNIME Preferences (File > Preferences)

  8. Create a generic preferences.epf file in the knime.exe directory (File > Export Preferences)

  9. Shutdown KNIME Analytics Platform

  10. Zip workspace directory

  11. Zip Analytics Platform directory

User Steps

  1. Download the two zip files (from 10 and 11)

  2. Unzip workspace (to a local hard drive)

  3. Unzip Analytics Platform

  4. Launch Analytics Platform and choose the workspace to be the location that the zip file in 2 was unzipped to.

  5. If not choosing the same workspace as unzipped in 2. Users will need to manually add that via File > Import preferences.

  6. To maintain a list of example workflows for an installation the recommended way is to share those workflows via KNIME Server (KNIME Server Lite can do this).

Incase you wish to learn more about KNIME Server, then don't hesitate to get in touch via