automate workflow

My workflow has 1 point where I have to wait for the first part to finish and then I can execute the second part. Does anyone know why this is happening and how could I fully automate it? It is happening after component…

Thanks in advance

Hi @Amanda252 , can you show us what you are talking about?

Usually, downstream nodes have to wait for upstream nodes to finish executing.

For example:

Node 3 will not execute until Node 2 is executed. Similarly, Node 2 will not execute until Node 1 is executed. This means that Node 3 will not start if Node 1 is not executed.

And of course, executing Node 3 will make Node 2 execute, which in turn will make Node 1 execute.

I’m not sure what is the issue, and what kind of automation are you looking for.

Pushing this further, if you have these:

Node 1 and Node 5 will start executing at the same time if you execute everything in the workflow.

However, if your Excel Reader of your Node 5 is reading from the file that the Excel Writer of Node 4 is writing too, that can be a problem, and that’s where Node 5 has to wait for Node 4 to finish. Is this the kind of wait and manual execution that you are referring to, and that you want to automate (as in having Node 5 automatically execute only after Node 4 is done)?

In that case, you can have Node 5 linked to Node 4 via the Flow Variable port, like this:

So now, Node 5 and Node 6 are downstream nodes compared to Node 4, therefore Node 5 will wait until Node 4 is completed before executing.

I would suggest in the future that you show us your workflow so we can fully understand what your issue is.

I always say “Help us help you. The more details and information you give, the more precise the solution will be” :slight_smile:


Yeah I know what you mean and it can be annyoing. The only solution is to use the execute all but that only works before any part is running else same issue.