Automated Feature Generation

Dear All,

I have started to use Knime and im liking it very much. But i have an issue. I have downloaded the “Automated Feature Generation” and cannot get it to work. I have the folowing error:

Unable to load port content node “Capture workflow end”: invalid output index in setting 2 stat

Please let me know what am i doing wrong and how to fix.

Kind regards

Hi @AlexM welcome to the Forum. Could you please share an example of how are you configuring the workflow that uses the component and the type of data you are using?. Otherwise it is hard to point a solution

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Hi I perez,

thank you for coming back. Please have a look. as a tes im connecting the autometed feature generation node to the output of another node, but when its time to select the columns the are just not there.

looks like the tool needs 2 inputs. You currently only provide one.

@AlexM @Daniel_Weikert is right, you should use the 2 Ports as per node description:

Also it only works with integer or double columns and if you have at least 5 rows.

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