Automated Matched Pairs: Cannot init reader after buffer is closed

I cannot save my workflow. The offending node is “Automated Matched Pairs”. The main error is “Cannot init reader after buffer is closed”. I have seen this error reported (Automated Matched Pairs node broke in knime 4.2)

Full traceback below. Any ideas?

Traceback errors:

ERROR InplaceSaveRunnable Could not save workflow - this exception will be re-thrown as an InterruptedException.
ERROR WorkflowEditor Could not save + workflow: Could not save workflow: Writing of table to file at node Automated Matched Pairs 14:47 at workflow mmp 14 encountered error: RuntimeException: Cannot init reader after buffer is closed



I have the same problem like scapuzzi in saving.
Same errors message. I am running KNIME4.3.3.

PS if this is dead, please remove it from Erlwood set…

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