Automatic alignment of lines

Hello KNIME experts,
i’m looking for an option to arrange the lines between the nodes automatically. Is there an “automatic align” function in KNIME for the lines?

Thank you very much for your support and ideas!

Best regards

Thomas (KNIME Beginner)

Hi @Leicht_SIEMENS and welcome to the forum.

There was something like this in the old UI for version 4.7.x, but I don’t believe it has been implemented in the 5.x UI yet.

Hi Scott, thank you for your response.
Do you mean the function “Auto Layout”?

Or which function do you talk about in V4.7? (I’m using V4.7 btw.)

BR Thomas

Correct, I was referring to the Auto-layouting function. :slight_smile:

I assume the team is already working on “wireless” connections so there is no need for lines anymore :wink:

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