Automatic file name

Hi guys, 

I'm actually working on a workflow which extracs some data from a database, manipulates them a writes EVERY DAY some results in a .xlsx file. My task is to get the actual date and time throught the TIME GENERATOR node and then name the daily .xlsx file with this date (in order to not overwrite the correspondent file of the previous day)

For example today I would like to get the following file "2016-19-07.xlsx"

I'm quite a new user of KNIME and I think that flow variables are the right answer, but I don't know how to use them as the name file. Could somebody show me the right way or give me an advice or a similar example?


Thank you so much.





Hi Annalisa,

please see the attached workflow. You had the right intuitions, just needed to put the pieces together. ;-)


Thank you Marco, but the link doesn't work =( I don't know why

If you are using a version of KNIME prior to 3.2.0, just download the workflow archive from the post above and change its extension to .zip . Once done you should be able to import it to your local workspace. Let me know in case it still doesn't work.


and you should update to 3.2  get all the new features :-)

(if you are using >3.0 this works via File -> Update KNIME...)