Automatic Linear Regression


I have recently started learning about KNIME functionalities and I need help finding a way of doing the automatic data preparation and automatic variable selection in KNIME.
For the same purpose, I have used SPSS before with the Automatic Linear Modeling feature includes (Data preparation feature - on and best model selections method, Automatic variable selection).
How this can be done in KNIME?


Hi Shikha,
in KNIME there are several nodes which might help you. E.g. Feature Selection Node, Parameter Optimization loop are the ones I can currently think of. You might have a look at them

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@gshikha16 welcome to the KNIME forum

Concerning automatic model building I would like to point you to two approaches. One I built a wrapper for AutoML module - and one version with the added benefit of using R’s vtreat to prepare the data.

You would have to install R on you machine and make it work with KNIME. Yes not the most comfortable setup, but hey: you get some very powerful tools that could help you with these tasks.

Then KNIME is working to deploy Guided analytics and automated machine learning. I am not sure if there currently is a component for regression tasks. Maybe @paolotamag can say something about that.


Hi there,
KNIME Workflows and Verified Components offer automated machine learning only for classification task at the moment. That is:

as well as the most recent and simplified one:


The AutoML component is made to work with other components to cover the many use cases:

Regarding AutoML for Regression Models:

We are still working on it. For now we have an example you can look at to take inspiration that we use for education purposes in our KNIME Pros Learnathon. This is the solution of the exercise we give there to solve AutoML for regression. This is not a Verified Components and it is not recommended to work in a real use case: it does not have parameter optimization for example.

Hopefully we will supply a more refined versions this year.