Automatic Reset Semantics of Extract Context Properties

To get the absolute path of the current workflow I use the “Extract Context Properties” Node the get the corresponding string into a table. From this I can from now on calculate filenames relative to the workflow (e.g. for sourcing files into R).

When I “save as” the workflow later on using a new name; the absolute workflow path changes turning the stale. To update the output I have to reset the node (manually).

If the node could be configured to reset automatically if the extracted properties change (e.g. at “save as”) I would see potential to achieve more robust workflows. Is there a node which would automatically reset in this case which could be put into the Flow Variable path?

Hi @andreas.c

I would be interested in the usecase here.

Hence how are you executing the workflow?
Must a part of the workflow stay executed?

Best wishes, Iris

Hi @Iris,

I am executing the workflow manually in KNIME Analytics Platform.

The solution I would wish for is described in the post above: resting the “Extract Context Properties” node and nodes depending on it if queried properties change. Therefore resetting the workflow only partially would be welcomed.

It is not strictly necessary to keep parts of the workflow executed but it would be welcomed. Because correctness before convenience. It would also help if a at “Save as” a dialog windows appears which asks if the whole workflow should be reset because it contains a “Extract Context Properties” node which could have stale results if not resetting node manually or assisted be the KNIME Analytics Platform whole workflow.

I understand that my preferred solution would probably require a more complex infrastructure.

Regards, Andreas.

Hi @andreas.c

Automating KNIME Workflow is offered via our commercial offering the KNIME Server.

With it you can implement this scenario.

Best wishes, Iris

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