Automatically connect remaining ports when a node was removed

TL;DR: I would like KNIME to have an auto-connect functionality when I remove a node that was connecting two other nodes before.

I want to suggest a feature for KNIME.
KNIME offers the option to directly drag a new node from the repository into a node-to-node connection in such a way, that the node is directly connected with lines, splitting up the previous connection.
On the other hand, when I remove a node, there’s no automatic functionality that directly connects the remaining nodes.
I think such a function (e.g. right-click-> remove and connect ports) would be very handy. Especially when rapidly building up new workflows, the removal of nodes in a connected workflow is quite common (at least from my point of view).
Of course, that’s just laziness, but that’s how we programmers are right?


That would be a good feature to have indeed @uie63112 , of course with some limitation. For example:
A → B → C

If we remove node B, C’s input port type should be the same as A’s output port type.

I guess it would work the same way as when you add a node between 2 nodes where it automatically connects the 3 nodes as long as the ports are the same type.


Indeed, the port types must match :slight_smile:

Pipeline Pilot does this, and it really is convenient. I’d love to see it in KNIME.


Hi all

I would also love to have it as a KNIME feature :smiley: !




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