Automatically deleting jobs from Execution Context?

Hi everyone,
Is there a way to automatically delete old Jobs from an Executor Context (I don’t mean an executor itself, but the executor context)?
When I go to Administration → Execution resources → and click on one Executor Context, I can see all the jobs that have ever run there.
However, I can imagine that with time this will keep growing so at some point it will use a high amount of hard disk. Because my understanding is that this is actually saving the jobs (which is a copy of the executed workflow).
Is there a way to automatically delete these jobs if they are older than a specific time?
Thank you.

Hi @misterhd

The jobs listed in an Execution Context overview are all non-discarded jobs of the individual executors. By default, jobs are kept for 7 days, but this can be configured using the rest endpoint PUT /execution-contexts/{uuid}, details here:


For example, this request body would set an executor’s job lifetime to 36 hours:

{"maxJobLifeTime": "PT36H"}

With the next release (KNIME Business Hub 1.9), we will introduce an instrumentation job service that provides aggregated job information (execution start/stop time, state, …) for a longer time period.

Kind regards