Automatically Reset DatabaseReader

Hello all,

is there a way to set up an automatic reset (preferably combined with a restart) of all DatabaseReader knodes of a given workflow ?

If I close and reopen a workflow the data remain within a DR knode and I have to reset and restart all of them manually in order to catch up with changes in the data source.

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Hi Bernd,

you have different options:

1. if a workflow is open, you can rightclick the workflow in the KNIME Explorer and select to reset the complete Workflow in the Context Menu.

2. You can connect all the nodes you want to reset to one node in the beginning via the flow variable ports. If you than reset this first node, all of the others will be reset as well.

Best, Iris

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thanks so far.


Thanks Iris. Had been resetting each node manually. Option #2 solves my problem completely :)


By, the way, I just thought about a third option :-)

3. Mark all nodes (Ctrl-A) and Reset all of them (F8 or right-click -> Reset in the Context Menu)