Automatically starting workflow that writes files to a SharePoint folder

Hello all,

I have built a workflow to read xls(x) files from a SharePoint folder, edit them and write them back to the folder at the end. The data in the files must always be up to date for the colleagues. That’s why I currently start the workflow by hand every morning.

To my question:
Is there any way to have the workflow automatically run and update itself every morning?

This would save me having to run it every morning and my colleagues could be sure that when I am out of the office, the latest data is still in SharePoint.

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Hello @alexrffl,

you have couple of options to schedule and automatically run your workflows:

Maybe there are some other options I’m not aware of. Anyways you’ll have to see what is the best option for you and your organization in terms of functionality, budget and technical expertise. If it’s only one workflow then I would put KNIME Analytics Platform on a server and give users option to run it. Then whoever comes first to the office (or is first who needs these files) can log to the server, open KNIME and run flow. If it’s more than one and you have plans to expand it further then I would look for automation solution. From my experience automation always cuts less work than expected and additionally brings certain pain points. I’m currently running couple of workflows on a daily basis manually and couple on demand so know what are you taking about :wink:

Hope this helps!



very interesting to see what you come up with.
I personally would go with the batch mode
What I am still missing is a “1 user test, try and learn KNIME Server license” for the Business Hub so I could familiarize myself fist with all the options and settings before scaling up later


Hello @Daniel_Weikert,

tnx. It requires a bit of user management/education but should work ok. I worked some time ago with batch mode and while everything worked out well at the end there were certain issues that needed additional attention. And judging from forum questions regarding batch I still see a decent amount of struggles.


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