Available Software Sites list empty

Installation of 4.3.1 results in an empty update site list in Preferences>Install/Update>Available Software Sites. Download and re-install did not fix it. Therefore I am unable to install any extensions because I don’t know where the repositories are located.

Hi there @drmack911,

This is weird. You mean 4.1.3? This happen after update from which version? Which OS are you running? Which installer did you install from when re-installing?

Believe this are default update sites for the time being. Can you add them and see if you can install some KNIME extension? Also check that they are in place after restart please.



Thank you for your prompt response. Yes, 64-bit Windows installer 4.3.1 as of yesterday, 25-June. My students are reporting the same problem. As a workaround I am providing them with an archive file. Manually entering the four url’s that you posted here works as designed so I will now give those links to my students and all will be calm now.

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Can Confirm that. Same Problem here 64 Bit Installer. Installed 7 Days ago(not sure)

It would be great if KNIME could provide an official list of (default) update sites. Their handling is still somewhat mysterious. They are there after update but the they would change or even get lost.

It would be great to provide a default list of bookmarks with the update sites corresponding with each KNIME version.

The option to import and export a bookmark list is already there. @drmack911 this might also be an option for your students that you provide them with your list.


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