Average Date From ItemSet

i.e i have itemset [A,B] with support 20.
my data :
Consumer Product Date
xxx A 2019-09-29
xxx B 2019-10-10
zzz A 2019-08-12
yyy A 2020-01-05
yyy B 2019-09-04
my questions is how to average the date based on my actual data before association?
Thanks you very much :smile:

Do you think about something like this?

thanks for your reply,
actually my goals is not like that.
i have any itemset in association rule :
(i.e [A,B] , [B,C] , [D,G]) etc)
my original data is contain product, consumer, and date, with that association rule pattern, i want to find average (days/month) per rule based on my original data.
do you have idea ?

Not really to be honest. Maybe you could provide us with sample data and the desired result.


hey, sorry for late reply.
this my example data
and this my desired result :

I and sorry I still do not get what you want. What defines the Itemset that you want to have? It could be Products bought by customers bu that does not fit your example.

Maybe you would create en example and upload it to the forum so we might have a closer look. And maybe you could explain the desired outputs.

About item sets and rules I have recently created a collection with some example about data structures and results for rules. Although I am not sure that is you problem.

If you just want lists of items per customer or unique sequences of products or something. The group by node does offer a broad variety of options:

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