Avoid unintended node deletions

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I unintentionally deleted a node in the middle of a complex workflow created by a colleague who already left the company. It took me quite a while to re-construct the workflow. I only recognised that it happened two weeks later when I next triedto execute the workflow.
In fact I only then realised that nodes and connections can be deleted without a warning/confirmation in KNIME. I was unable to find a setting to have a pop-up warning before a node is deleted. Is anyone aware of a setting and/or process set-up to avoid such intended deletions in future? To my best knowledge, in the non-server version there is also no log-file available that could be facilitated to trace and undo such errors? I would also find “non-change” mode useful in case a workflow only needs to be executed but not changed…

Thank you very much for any hints and tips.

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You can enable confirmation dialogs in the preferences:

By default they are enabled therefore I guess you disabled them some time in the past.


@dnguyen welcome to the KNIME forum. Sorry to hear about your troubles.

One thing you could do is build yourself some simple backup system to store versions of your workflow as a simple ZIP file with a timestamp (not super fancy but effective):

Then backup and versioning is a thing in all businesses since all things that can go wrong might do so at any time. So regardless of KNIME or other tools it is always good to have a backup strategy ready. In the case of KNIME it is that the basic version does not have a recycle bin or a longer undo history. Although I understand that something might be on the agenda for the future (AP-11335). The KNIME server has a versioning and recycle option.


Dear Thor,

thank you very much for the quick help. I am amazed about this active cmmunity forum! We use a shared workspace and it seems this is a workspace specific entry that had been disabled by one of our colleagues.

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Thank you very much @mlauber71 - I will have a detailed look at it in the following days.

Have a great day a ahead and thank you for helping me out!


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